about sithy and brendan rogers

Kroma is a social enterprise, owned and operated by Brendan and Sithy Rogers. The primary purpose of the business is to provide a positive contribution to the real life transformation of victims and families of human trafficking and unemployment resulting in self sustainability and independent living.

Brendan and Sithy Rogers are experienced Cambodian field workers that have worked directly with foreign aid agencies and the Cambodian victims of human trafficking.

Sithy Rogers

Sithy, who is Cambodian, has been working with anti-human-trafficking organisations in her homeland since 2007.

What drives her in this work is her passion for social justice, especially when movements for change happen at the grassroots level.

Sithy believes that although work with the government and other member organisations has been rewarding, it is engagement with people dealing with these social problems on a daily basis that has informed her work and given her a deep understanding of the causes within their social context.

Her vision is for Kroma to play an important role in the move towards community empowerment within these communities of Cambodia.

Even though she is now living in Australia, regular travel to Cambodia and communications with her many contacts in the field will ensure Kroma maintains its sense of mission and purpose.

Brendan Rogers

Brendan Rogers has pursued his social justice callings by engaging in field work in Cambodia.

As an Australian citizen who is now an experienced field worker, Brendan was able to give some of his time voluntarily teaching young Cambodian students.

Together with Sithy, he believes Kroma is an exceptional vehicle for applying his passion and understanding about Cambodia in a way that will bring lasting change to the lives of many Cambodians living at risk.

He says Kroma’s aim is to bring empowerment, dignity and self-confidence through fair trade.