How can I help people living with injustice in Cambodia?

Hello dear readers! This is first blog I have ever written and thank you for reading it. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly tell you bit of my life’s story and why I am here with you.


I had been working with anti-human trafficking in Cambodia for six years and I have had a strong passion working to

improve the lives of other people and for social justice for all. The organization I worked for is called Chab Dai Coalition

Sithy Rogers working for Kroma - ethical product specialist

Sithy Rogers working for Kroma – ethical product specialist

meaning Joining Hands. I have had various roles within the organization and the last two year before leaving Cambodia, I held the role of Director. I found the job I did was incredibly rewarding in the way that it was not just a job but it was all about the wellbeing of human beings and their lives. The long and the short of it is that although I moved to live in Australia, my passion is still to be able to contribute in someway to see change occur and my people in Cambodia to be able to earn a decent living. My husband and I started to explore markets for products made by women who were of survivors of human trafficking as well as other injustices. Our business is called Kroma Khmer (


Thanks for reading this blog and I am looking forward to give more information about Cambodia and Kroma. By supporting us through buying our products, you are standing against injustice in Cambodia, and making the world a far better place.


Give a person a fish and you have fed them one meal, teach a person to fish and you have fed them and their families for life.




  1. Leah Burley says

    Sithy you are amazing and so inspirational! Thinking of you and praying for Gods blessing to be with you in this endeavor!
    Love Leah xo

    • sithy says

      Hi Leah, thanks for your support! your prayer and thoughts are very much appreciated. Kroma exists so that we can bring new opportunity for beautiful handmade products made by people in Cambodia. XX

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